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Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX)

Peering Asia

Peering Asia is an open peering event in Asia Pacific region, supported by APIX association.

This event aims to encourage and promote peering and interconnection in Asia Pacific region. And it is open to people in not only Asia Pacific but all over the world, who are involved with peering and interconnection in network service providers, internet exchange providers, data centers, and so on. Just like GPF (Global Peering Forum) and EPF (European Peering Forum).

Peering Asia 4.0 is postponed for 1 year to Nov. 2021

Due to the various impacts of COVID-19, we have decided to postpone Peering Asia 4.0 for 1 year to Nov. 2021 and expect to hold the event at the originally planned location of Bangkok, Thailand.

The host team of Peering Asia 4.0 and Peering Asia Working Group have been discussing whether to hold this event in Nov. 2020 as originally planned or not. Many countries in APAC have gradually started to relax their restrictions, but it is still uncertain that in November most peering persons will be able to travel internationally and visit Bangkok. Therefore we have made the tough decision to postpone it to 2021.

We are starting the planning for Peering Asia 4.0 in Nov. 2021 and details will be shared on Peering Asia website and Peering Asia Facebook page. We are also considering whether to do a virtual event in Nov 2020 but a decision has not been made yet. Please stay tuned for more information.

Location: Bangkok Convention Centre at Central world, in Bangkok, Thailand
Hosted by: Peering Asia 4.0 Host team (TH-IX and BBIX Thailand) and
Peering Asia Working Group

More Information: https://peeringasia.com/

Peering Asia 3.0

Peering Asia 2.0

Peering Asia 1.0

Peering Asia 1.0 was hosted by Japanese 4 commercial IXPs, also sponsored by 23 organziations.

This first open peering event in Asia Pacific gathered 239 attendees of 114 ASNs not only from Asia but also from North America and Europe, and provided a lot of opportunities of peerings, discussion, and socialization in Asia Pacific.

We appreciate it very much to all attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff, and hosts!