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Thailand IX Prouds to be a Part of Connecting Thais Together with Our Latest Peering Members: Meta Platform and ByteDance

TikTok from ByteDance, and social media pltforms from Meta, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Threads by Instagram.
TikTok from ByteDance, and social media pltforms from Meta, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Threads by Instagram.

Today, social media has become one of the most popular services on the planet. Every day, millions of people share, interact, or explore new opportunities on those platforms. With the demands of seamless connections to those services, it became clear that the Internet infrastructure needs to be evolved with the goal to provide better services for everyone. That is why Thailand IX is genuinely excited to welcome Meta Platform and ByteDance, the homes of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and TikTok, accordingly.

The Generation of Social Media

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Social media undeniably becomes a part of our lives, from sharing your life events through statuses, posting short-form viral or informational contents, sharing your stories in real-time, chatting or video conferencing with your relatives, or selling goods by livestreaming, creating new and excited opportunities for millions of people around the world at the same time.

With the resounding growth of social media platforms across the world in a variety of use cases, it also creates a challenge for the Internet infrastructures for transmitting data within seconds.

According to the data from GWI and Kepios (via DataReportal in collaboration with We Are Social and Meltwater, pages 109 and 114) in October of last year, Thailand having one of the highest concentration rates of social media users per capita across the world. Moreover, the data also suggested that Thais spend at least 2 hours and 24 minutes per day on social media.

As such, connection latency and data throughput of the Internet exchange are one of the key factors for ensuring the stability and quality of the services, especially for video contents and livestreaming. And, high quality of services can leverage overall experiences using the platforms, opening new and exciting opportunities for everyone.

With our experiences serving neutral and stable connection to trusted service providers across the world, we are proud to be a part of connecting Thais together with our latest partners, Meta Platform and ByteDance, two of the world’s leading social network companies.

Meta Platform, the Home of Facebook, Instagram, and more

Young man using new Meta's Threads from Instagram app on smartphone
Threads from Instagram, the newest social media platform from Meta.

Meta Platform is one of the world’s largest social network companies with their industry-leading services, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp.

Moreover, they also invented innovative products from virtual reality and metaverse, to artificial intelligence. In terms of metaverse, they are the force behind the most popular virtual reality headsets on the market, Meta Quest. And, with the push for metaverse, they developed virtual space, which is the Horizon Worlds. Recently, artificial intelligence research team, Meta AI, developed the latest iteration of open-sourced large language modeling (LLM) for generative AI, LLaMA 2.

Two services worth mentioning are Reels and Live for Facebook and Instagram, which proof to be popular among a wide range of users. With such demands, high streaming bandwidth and low latency connection are crucial for those applications to ensure the best possible experience to end-user.

With local peering service from Thailand IX, we can provide high throughput, low latency, and better interconnectivity between peering members. At the same time, service providers can expect the lower cost for implementing it when compared with physical connection since we handle it by ourselves. Whether the streamed content is large or small, we got you covered.

Additionally, Thailand IX and Meta . For that reason, Meta chooses Thailand IX as their trusted peering partners to connect every single peering member closer together.

Every Byte from Every Swipe through the Feed of TikTok

Person Holding Black Android Smartphone with TikTok Application on the Screen
Person Holding Black Android Smartphone with TikTok Application on the Screen

Make no mistake, everyone knows that TikTok is currently a top player in terms of vertical short-form video contents across the Internet. The success of the platform is thanks to content creators creating fresh and unique viral content every single day.

Not only that, ByteDance, the creator of TikTok, continues evolving the platform by introducing TikTok Live and TikTok Shop. Both new features on TikTok were proven to be popular among users across the world. Moreover, Thailand is one of the largest markets in the world, with over 60% of population uses TikTok in Thailand, according to the data from the report we mentioned earlier.

With that, it is even more challenging for ByteDance to provide instant access to their services without strong network infrastructure. This is even more true when it comes to millions of Thai users who spend their times on TikTok every single day.

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Additionally, ByteDance is not only operating TikTok, but also involving in several products. One example is Lark, an all-in-one work management platform for businesses. They also develop their own VR goggles named Pico VR. Furthermore, they are also the force behind well-known games you know and love, like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Ragnarok X: Next Generation, and, Marvel Snap.

As a result, the low latency throughput is crucial for ByteDance, especially in game. And, since Thailand IX is the largest Internet exchange service provider in Thailand, having us as their peering partner is such a no brainer for ByteDance. Our partnership benefits both parties by leveraging our strengths.

Additionally, with our service, ByteDance can also improve latency and throughput for accessing TikTok between them and the rest of our peering members, especially for telecommunication companies where the demand is among the highest.

The Power of the Internet Exchange

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Our peering members keep expanding to support any use case for your business. And this, without a doubt, is one of the examples of that. With these partnerships, we believe that our services can help Thais to connect with each other easier than ever before. These also show the power of the neutral Internet exchange service, like us, to connect your businesses to the world together.

If you are interested in our Local Peering service, be sure to visit our page for more information.