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Thailand IX Showcasing Internet Exchange in Thailand at Global Scale in Telecoms World Asia 2023

Group photo with employees and executives from Thailand IX and NT, with Mr. Paul Clark, the organizer of Telecoms World Asia 2023.
Group photo with employees and executives from Thailand IX and NT, with Mr. Paul Clark, the organizer of Telecoms World Asia 2023.

On November 15th-16th, 2023, Telecoms World Asia 2023, the largest telecommunication conference of Asia, was held. This year, the conference was organized in Bangkok for the second time in a row, at Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand @ centralwOrld.

Not only that, but Thailand also IX had a chance to participate in person at the event, from organizing booth to discussing business opportunities. This was strengthening the number 1 position of the Internet Exchange service provider in Thailand, as we are also sponsoring the event.

The Overview of Telecoms World Asia 2023

Representatives discussing with visitors at NT booth in Telecoms World Asia 2023

As we mentioned at the beginning, the conference was combining the best of telecommunication industries in one event. The event was organized by Terrapin, one of the world-class event organizers.

This year, there are over 2,000 participants across Asia, with over 150 sponsors and exhibitions from various industries joining the event, from corporate to startups. The lists included Akamai, AMD, China Unicom, Ookla (the owner of Speedtest.net), NTT, Symphony Communication, and APNIC.

Besides, the National Telecom PLC (NT) was also a Diamon Sponsor of the event and held an exhibition in the event. In turn, Thailand IX also joined the event as we are one of the business units of NT.

Becoming ASEAN Digital Hub

Image from National Telecom (NT)

Ms. Kalaya Chinatiworn, principle foreign affairs of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, welcomed the participants with an opening keynote address, “Seamless Connectivity: The ASEAN Digital Hub Advantage” focusing on the willingness of Thailand to become the ASEAN Digital Hub.

One of the main points of the speech is related to the development of digital infrastructure of Thailand. She stated that in the past few years, Thailand deployed the fiber optics cables to over 75,000 villages across the country, as the effort of the “Internet Pracharat” program.

Moreover, Thailand is increasing in terms of submarine communications cables connecting from abroad. In return, these initiatives are the steppingstones for improving the connectivity across the country and region.

This shows that Thailand IX is one of the core components to achieve this mission, as the Internet exchange service provider of Thailand. By providing connectivity across national infrastructure to data centers and service providers, our Internet exchange services got you covered. If you would like to learn more about our services, be sure to visit here.


Thailand IX at Telecoms World Asia 2023

As for the event itself, Thailand IX had a chance to introduce our services at the National Telecom booth gaining a massive amount of interest in our services. Correspondingly, we had opportunities to discuss with business partners and organizations for future possibilities of doing business together.

Aside from our booth, there were also some exhibitions from a variety of telecommunication organizations for displaying their services. Moreover, there were startup areas, where startups could explore the opportunities for future growth, as well as fundraising from investors. These were some of the exhibitions that the event had to offer.

With scale of the event, it was not just a place for exhibitions, but also a place for conferences as well. As the name suggested, there were a ton of interesting topics to attend. Some of which included telecommunication networks, 6th generation of cellular (6G), and data centers and content delivery network (CDN). The last one was immensely important since they are the heart of telecommunications across the globe.

We can guarantee that if you attended the event, you would get something back for sure. Not only were there plenty of exhibitions, but also jampacked with knowledge in telecommunications across Asia.

Connecting Thais to Asia, and the World

So that wrapped up another year of the event with tremendous success as host country. That also highlighted Thailand IX as the leader in the neutral Internet Exchange of Thailand across Asia.

When the event is over, it does not mean the end of our duty as host country. Next year, we are excited to announce that Telecoms World Asia 2024 will return to Bangkok. The event will be held on November 19th-20th, 2024, at Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand @ centralwOrld. If you are interested in joining, make sure you visit the event’s website for more information. And we cannot wait to see you in person next year!