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Local Peering

Unleashed New Possibilities to Your Business with Local Peering
in Thailand’s Largest Neutral Internet Exchange

Local Peering Model

Technical Information

We are providing 3 port types to choose from, which are:

  • 100G Single mode (LR4)
  • 10G Single mode (LR)
  • 1G Single mode (LX/LH)
  • Layer-2 networking protocols.
  • Direct connectivity with one of our connection facilities, which in turn connects to all peering members.
  • Easy-to-configure connection with BGP protocol.
  • We provide 2 connection facilities to choose from.
  • Providing Neutral Internet Exchange services connecting wide range of organizations across Thailand, and most of the CLMV regions, including Cambodia, Myanmar, and Laos.
Route Server 1 (NT Data Center Bangrak)
  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2001:c38:8000::4652:1
Route Server 2 (NT Data Center Nonthaburi)
  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2001:c38:8000::4652:2
  • We provide the Service Levels Agreement (SLA) for uptime at least 99.99%.
  • AS Number is mandatory for every peering member.
  • Understanding of BGP protocol configuration is required.
  • Network equipment used for connecting through TH-IX must be Layer-3 devices (i.e., routers).
  • Route Server
  • IPv4 compatibility
  • IPv6 compatibility
  • Link Aggregations