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Thailand IX Prouds to Support the Peering Asia 5.0 in Seoul, South Korea as We Strengthen the Leader in Neutral Internet Exchange in Thailand

On November 1st-2nd, 2023, Thailand IX participated in the Peering Asia 5.0 conference in Seoul, South Korea, aiming to promote peering and connect with the Internet Exchange Point across Asia-Pacific region. The conference was organized by the Korea Internet Neutral eXchange (KINX), leading Internet Exchange service provider in South Korea, with support from the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX).

This conference is packed with the leading Internet infrastructure service providers across the world. The list included Internet exchange points (IXP), content delivery networks (CDN), media streaming platforms, and data center service providers.

As usual, Thailand IX had a chance to participate in the conference, not only as participants, but also as an official sponsor and event consultant, which strengthen our positions as leader in the neutral Internet exchange service provider of Thailand.

How We Get Here

List of attendees joining Peering Asia 5.0

Back in November 2019, Thailand IX joined the Asia Internet Exchange Association (APIX) as a member. Currently, the association has 39 members across 19 countries and economic zones across the Asia-Pacific region.

As a result, we granted access to participate in APIX-sponsored events, including APRICOT and Peering Asia, every single year since the day we joined the association. Our first event was the Peering Asia 3.0 in 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as Lunch Sponsor.

After 2 yearlong hiatuses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2022, we were selected as one of the hosts for organizing the Peering Asia 4.0. The conference was organized at Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand @ centralwOrld. This also marked as the first Peering Asia organized in Thailand.

This year, we participated in the Peering Asia 5.0 in Seoul, South Korea, as the official gold sponsor of the event. Moreover, we also provided consultations to the host in terms of organizing conference as well. There were 324 people across the Asia-Pacific region participating in-person at the conference.

Connecting Future Opportunities with Partners across Asia

Group photo of visitors at Thailand IX booth at Peering Asia 5.0

The Peering Asia 5.0 conference was not only for updating the current state of Internet exchange point in Asia-Pacific region, but also for uniting members of the APIX, shaping the future of Internet exchange across the region. Moreover, it was also an ideal place to share knowledge between members.

As participant and sponsor, we also had a chance to introduce our services in front of participants across the region, as well as our own booth. This was also the perfect time for us to connect with other providers for future possibilities.

A Place for Knowledge Sharing

Furthermore, the conference was also a wonderful place for participants to share their expertise with each other. Some of the contents included the current states of South Korea’s Internet infrastructure and data centers, best practices for providing the Internet exchange in securely manners, or new techniques for providing the service.

All of these signified the advancement of the Internet exchange services across Asia-Pacific, which are continue evolving over time.

Born from Thailand, Stand Out at Global Scale

Peering Asia 5.0 was one of the conferences opening new possibilities to improve our services for our members. From new know-hows to the new opportunities for everyone joining the event in-person and push the boundary of what the Internet has to offer. Rest assured that we will never stop evolving our services for every single organization in any sector or use case.

This is another event for us to shine, as the Thailand’s No. 1 in neutral Internet Exchange, not just in Thailand, but also CLMV region. And we cannot wait to attend the Peering Asia 6.0 conference, next year!