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Get to know Thailand IX, the co-host of Peering Asia 4.0

Who is Thailand IX?

Formerly known as a CAT National Internet Exchange (CAT NIX) service, Thailand IX (TH-IX) is an Internet exchange that serves as an infrastructure for customers in Thailand to connect to the Internet.

The service was previously provided over a 3-layer network supervised by CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT Telecom).

In 2018, it was rebranded as Thailand IX (TH-IX), providing Internet exchange via a 2-layer network with peering members that are primarily Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

There are two service-providing data centers (main nodes): the CAT Tower Building in Bangrak, Bangkok, and Building 3 CAT in Mueng, Nonthaburi.

After a merger with TOT Public Company Limited (TOT), CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT Telecom) is now known as National Telecommunication Company Limited (NT PLC).

As it was in the past, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited (CAT Telecom) is in charge of overseeing the Thailand IX (TH-IX) service.

Thailand IX as a Co-Host of Peering Asia 4.0

Peering Asia 4.0 represents a new milestone for Thailand IX, solidifying its position as the country’s leading Internet exchange provider, which is ripe with potential.

Thailand IX has been entrusted by APIX (Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association) committee members to collaborate with BBIX (Thailand) in hosting Peering Asia 4.0, with the official host list announced at Peering Asia 3.0 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

(Date of the announcement of the results of hosting the Peering Asia 4.0 conference)

Peering Asia 4.0 Host team has unanimously agreed that Internet Exchange market in Thailand is burgeoning. The reason being, Thailand is progressing with the Thailand 4.0 strategy that drives the economy through innovation and technology, which satisfies the soaring demand for digital content in Thailand.

Peering Asia 4.0 also facilitates the formation of a strong alliance between Thailand’s Internet exchange providers and allows Internet service providers to exchange information.

Most importantly, the Peering Asia 4.0 will strengthen global confidence in Thailand as the ASEAN Digital Hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

Get set for “Peering Asia 4.0”

Thailand IX and BBIX (Thailand) are excited to host Peering Asia 4.0 at the Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand at Central World Hotel, and to welcome attendees from all over the world by inviting speakers who are experts in the field of Internet to share knowledge that will broaden the attendees’ horizons and create business opportunities. 

Sign up to attend the event here: https://4.peeringasia.com/registration/

Join Thailand IX and the other participating partners at Peering Asia 4.0 to help drive growth in Internet and network services throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

(Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand at Central World Hotel)