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Conversation on Peering Asia 4.0: An Interview with the Thailand IX Peering Manager

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Just a few days to go now! Peering Asia 4.0, one of Thailand’s largest seminars, will welcome participants. What can we expect from the big day? Check out the interview with Mr. Tritat Charoensak, Thailand IX Peering Manager and co-host of the Peering Asia 4.0 conference in 2022.

What is Peering Asia? How many times has the event been held?

Peering Asia 4.0 is an Asia-Pacific regional seminar forum comprised of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), CDNs (Content Delivery Network Providers), and cloud providers. Peering Asia will be held for the fourth time, and this time it will take place in Thailand.

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How is this event essential to Asia-Pacific Internet service providers?

This Peering Asia event will encourage the expansion of the Asia-Pacific Internet industry. It is also a push for Thai Internet service providers to go global.

What purpose does the event serve?

It is an association of the world’s top internet service providers. At this event, there will be a seminar and a sharing of technical experiences. It will also strengthen relationships between the Internet service providers.

What would you like to say to all the guests?

Mr. Tritat Charoensak during our conversation about Peering Asia 4.0.
(Mr. Tritat Charoensak, Thailand IX Peering Manager)

On behalf of Thailand IX, the event’s co-host. We look forward to seeing everyone at Peering Asia 4.0 on November 2 and 3, 2022 at the Bangkok Convention Center, Centara Grand at centralwOrld. See you!

The Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX) is the primary sponsor of the Peering Asia 4.0 conference. Other sponsors include:

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Hasten up! Get a seat and register for Peering Asia 4.0, a seminar forum that invites only speakers with exceptional talent and a wealth of specialized knowledge to share their experiences. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your company’s horizons, create a roadmap to success, and raise brand awareness across the Asia-Pacific. For more information, see How to sign up for Peering Asia 4.0?