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Peering Asia 4.0

What is Peering Asia 4.0?

Peering Asia 4.0 is a gathering for network, content, and internet services to develop influence in the Asia-Pacific region, foster alliances, and improve business possibilities. It will be hosted in Bangkok, Thailand from November 2nd to 3rd, 2022.

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Cabinet acknowledges Submarine cable – ASEAN Internet Digital Hub progress

Government house revealed that the cabinet has acknowledged the report from the department of Digital Economy and Society: DES about the progress of new Submarine cable lines and telecommunication infrastructure enhancement, a second phrase for upgrading internet efficiency, targeting to become an information exchange center and Digital Hub for ASEAN. The progresses of these phrase […]

Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX)

Peering Asia Peering Asia is an open peering event in Asia Pacific region, supported by APIX association. This event aims to encourage and promote peering and interconnection in Asia Pacific region. And it is open to people in not only Asia Pacific but all over the world, who are involved with peering and interconnection in […]