About Thailand Internet Exchange

Thailand IX is the first and the most reputable Neutral Internet Exchange provider in Thailand.

For decades, we have been connecting businesses and services from leading providers together, faster, smoother, and easier than ever before.

Today, we are proud to become No. 1 for Internet Exchange providers in Thailand, thanks to support and trust from peering members using our services.



The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT Telecom) established the National Internet Exchange (CAT NIX) as the Internet exchange gateway for domestic Internet traffic.

Neutral Internet Exchange

CAT NIX rebranded to Thailand Internet Exchange (TH-IX), with the goal to become a Neutral Internet Exchange service provider in Thailand.

Joining APIX

In November 2019, we are joining the Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Association (APIX), the association of Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in the Asia Pacific region serving as discussion forum to exchange information and past experiences for members.

This can also ensure to our members that we are committed to become a Neutral Internet Exchange service provider in Thailand.

Further and Beyond

Today, we remain committed to improving and cherishing our services even further. As a result, we become the largest Internet exchange point of Thailand, with over 50 peering members across the world.

While we are still maintaining our commitment to become a neutral Internet exchange provider as we progress to the future.

Point-of-Presence (PoP) Locations

TH-IX provides Neutral Internet Exchange service with the state-of-the-art Layer-2 switching platforms. Connecting your business to our ever growing and evolving peering members with 4 of our PoP locations.

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  • NT Bangrak Tower
  • NT Nonthaburi Telecommunication Center
  • Telehouse – Bangkok
  • TCCT Bangna