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Thailand Internet Exchange is the first and the most reputable Neutral Internet Exchange provider in Thailand.
For decades, we have been connecting businesses and services from leading providers faster, smoother, and easier than ever before.

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    TH-IX provides Neutral Internet Exchange service with the state-of-the-art Layer-2 switching platforms. Connecting your business to our ever-growing and evolving peering members with 4 of our PoP locations.

    • NT Bangrak Tower
    • NT Nonthaburi Telecommunication Center
    • Telehouse Bangkok
    • TCCT Bangna

    Latest News

    Thailand IX Takes Part in APRICOT 2024 as a Sponsor of the Event

    The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) 2024 is one of the largest network-related conferences in the world, and the largest one in the Asia Pacific region. This event is jam packed with network-related personnels. And this year is a special one for good reasons. Not only the event is going to be happening in Bangkok, Thailand, but Thailand IX is also going to be a sponsor as well.

    Thailand IX and APRICOT 2024

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